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Organizing Your Resume for the Job You Seek

The key to resume writing is creating an application that appeals to the specific job that you are applying for. Many people create a job market that outlines their basic job experience, but this does not explain to job recruiters why you are qualified for the position at hand. Job recruiters are looking for a specific skill set that will apply to the nature of the work you will be doing every day. If you do not discuss these requirements throughout your resume, the employer will become frustrated with your application and set it aside in favor of an application that is better organized.

Selecting the Right Format

There are dozens of templates for resumes available online along with a lot of advice on what order you should put your information to gain the attention you are looking for. Click on Costco Application for an example. There is not necessarily a right or wrong format when it comes to organizing your resume, but there are a few general rules you should follow to make sure your resume looks organized. In general, you want to put your most recent experience at the top of your resume and work your way back to experience that is a bit older. Then you can add details about each entry on the list to give potential employers a clear idea of what your previous position might be.

Consider the purpose of your resume before you commence resume writing. You want to look at the specific job requirements listed on the application page and make sure these items are listed on your resume in a place that is easy to find. If the employer is looking for a certain level of education, put this section at the top of your page. If they want a specific skill set or a certain level of experience in a certain field, put those options on the top of the page and work your way down to the detail that you consider important, but may not be relevant to the job listing.
You may want to include every bit of experience you might have on your resume, but this can make your application look cluttered and dull. Eliminate any job experience that is completely irrelevant to the job you are applying for unless you are new to the job market and short on experience. You also want to avoid putting outdated information on your resume that will make it look dated. If you are concerned about older items such as the year you earned your degree making you look too old for the job, put these items farther down on the page instead of up at the top.

Considering Length

You have probably heard several times that you should not allow your resume go over one page. This is not necessarily true, particularly if you are turning in a digital form of your resume that is easy to scroll through. If you are going to increase the length of your resume past one page you will need to make sure that every item on the page is essential to the application. Do not pad your resume with items simply to get length. This will only serve to clutter your resume and irritate those trying to read through it.

You will also need to consider how you will organize these items so everything is easy to find. Resume writing is all about making your information easy to locate so employers can simply skim your selections. Any items essential to the application should be listed on the first page with clear titles for each section. If you are including a second page, make sure this is noted on the front page so employers to not accidentally miss it while they read through.